No.1 G2 – Latest Wearable device with Bluetooth, Chargeable straps, Heart Rate Sensor

Lots of Mobile Manufacturing companies are coming up with their wearable gadgets. Latest company to join them is No.1 which is known for clone mobiles for very popular device like Samsung, Apple etc. No.1 Company has launched its latest product – No.1 G2 which is a wearable gadget on wrist. The devices comes with lots of exciting features such as Bluetooth 4.0 to connect it via other devices like Mobile, PC etc. In this post you can read more about the features and technical specifications of No.1 G2 Device:

No.1 G2 wearable device features

Features of No.1 G2 Wearable Gadget

The gadget has 1.54 inch TFT display screen with resolution up to 240*240 pixels. No.1 G2 device allows you to make calls, read text messages. There are lots of other features in No.1 G2 such as built-in infra-red remote-control for television set-top boxes, Heart Rate sensor, independent music player and pedometer. This device is a perfect companion for exercise lovers as you can enjoy music via Bluetooth headset and measure body vitals simultaneously.

No.1 G2 device comes with 200w pixels rear camera but there is no front camera. Battery Capacity of the device is 235mAh which is good and should provide enough backup time for the device to run for longer duration. Best feature of the device is its waterproof coating which allows you to wear the device at all the times. Technical Specifications of No.1 G2 Device are as follows:

  • Call, Text message support
  • Photo Camera
  • Music Player
  • Heart Rate sensor, Pedometer
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1.54 inch TFT Screen(240×240 pixels)
  • 200w pixels rear camera, no front camera
  • Support for Speaker and Mic
  • Powered by 235mAh Battery Capacity
  • 128M + 32M and support for external memory card
  • Waterproof

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